Our homestead

Our historic homestead is located in the sunny and quiet hamlet Steet near the village Sarnthein, which is just 18 km away from the provincial capital Bozen. Our farm, which is surrounded by meadows and forests, lies at 1030m sea level, with a magnificent view over the valley. All this provides the ideal conditions for an unforgettable holiday experience, no matter if you are a nature enthusiast, a hiker or an aficionado of culture and good food.
The “Botenhof” is a small farm with animal husbandry: next to grey cattle and Tyrolean mountain sheep, we also keep chicken, rabbits and cats.
Our farmhouse – which is under special protection as a historic monument – was carefully renovated just a few years ago. It has got stonewalls which are nearly one metre thick and loop-holes dating back to the 16th century.

In addition to the part of the house that is used as the farmer’s family’s lodging, with its baroque parlour, there are two apartments for holiday guests on the first floor.
We have a new house with two apartments, apartment „Sarner Scharte“ and apartment „Leiter Spitz“.
The diversified life on the farm, with all its animals and so close to nature, as well as the well-known South Tyrolean hospitality, offer an atmosphere of enjoyment and well-being.